Embroidery – a fun way to customize your garments, or fabric

Embroidery – a fun way to customize your garments, or fabric

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  1. Victoria

    Awesome. Love it. Been musing about getting an embroidery machine. Eager to try something soo

  2. Betty

    Have been trying to figure it out but old brain is having trouble. Would sure like a pattern

  3. Sofiah binti Ghazali

    Beautiful kraf

  4. Fabby Romero

    I would like directions on your tote. I think it’s so beautiful.

  5. Shelley

    Please may I have the measurements and tutorial. I could make the squares at home and have a project to finish while we are travelling.
    Thankyou for sharing

  6. Alvena Roulston

    I have been home embroidery for a very long time.
    It’s so much fun, you can customize everything from pillowcases to personlized t-shirts, jackets etc.
    When it doesn’t work, it is a great pain, but that’s not to often. You are wise to use correct stabilizer.

  7. Donna Dalrymple

    I would love the pattern for the bag. It is beautiful.

  8. Steeve

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