About me

Sewing is my new hobby since the lockdown. But my aunt who is a professional tailor taught me sewing when I was 6. I’ve been sewing only occasionally when I needed something I couldn’t buy. All that have changed since the lockdown that I bought myself a way better sewing machine, and things suddenly became so easy.

I work in a different field, not fashion related. But I like beautiful and fine things and have formed my own way of assessing what’s trendy what’s classic and what’s out. I’m subscribing to fashion magazines and watching fashion shows, and I allowed them to influence me, rather than follow them blindly.

This blog is for my sewing friends. I hope to share my experience because I’ve learnt a lot from yours on the internet.

This blog is for everyone too. You will see the Wabana Style, beauty and style interpolated by me. It’s not only about sewing. It’s everything about life style. I will try my best to classify the information so you can easily find what you are interested in. I have interest in a lot of things. I just need time to blog them.

Do let me know what you think, and what you are interested in.